S Club 7 – Christmas Special – Part 5 of 7

Online video Score: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “S Club 7 – Christmas Special – Part 5 of 7”

  1. wright25 Says:

    miss their band! soo much! 🙁

  2. waveout217 Says:

    is music the trigger? cuz that would be pretty obvious. I think Hannah
    should be the trigger like something she says or something.

  3. waveout217 Says:

    yah that is so cute.

  4. skulls16 Says:

    that dude that is searching for them needs to b slapped. IM suprised no one
    has yet.

  5. KATPACK02 Says:

    i cried at this episode

  6. zanessa4yevah Says:

    i love it when hannah kissed paul!!!

  7. LunarEclipse360 Says:

    Bradley is special. how the hell does all the foods he ever ate flash
    before his eyes instead of his life?

  8. Jen A Says:

    I was in a bad car accident and i remember everything when I was 4 now i
    cant. It progressed in time

  9. QTwitHOTmusictastes Says:

    i feel so baddd 4 paul. he’s so hawt. when they give paul their names &
    hannah kisses him, & he wipes it off, it’s so sweet!

  10. thechordonurguitar Says:

    “i saw my life flash before me” “i saw my meals flash before me”

  11. hxw11h Says:

    OMG, This episode is so incredibly sad!

  12. sclub7princess Says:

    Miss the band 🙁


    would they ever put the shows & specails on dvd?

  14. beachsidebum09 Says:

    Haha bradleys so dumb when paul says I can’t sing. Hes like We know that
    but your still in the band. lol.

  15. Caitlin Dellar Says:

    lol cause all he does is eat with the occassional singing?

  16. insomniakillx Says:

    Omg, Paul can’t remember. I don’t really remember this episode! Omgg.

  17. arturocas90 Says:

    Awww I have never seen this episode, it’s so cute when they introduce

  18. skulls16 Says:

    i think the guy who’s searching for them is gay… I cried in this episode
    its so sad//

  19. EmoceansBreh Says:

    they are cute together ……also rachel and bradley & tina and jon

  20. skulls16 Says:

    no they broke up like a couple years ago. They are all doing seperate
    things now.

  21. HotnSmart1 Says:

    paul”i cant sing”… bradley” we know that”…..lmaoooooo

  22. Amanda Durham Says:

    paul and hannah were so cute together. i also think that rachel and jon or
    hannah and jon would have been really cute together.

  23. LunarEclipse360 Says:

    they do still sell their cds but you really have to look for them

  24. fififane85 Says:

    Hannah and Paul are sooo cuuutteee !!!