S Club 7 – Don’t Stop Movin’ (Version 2) [HQ]

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25 Responses to “S Club 7 – Don’t Stop Movin’ (Version 2) [HQ]”

  1. Frederic Kissel Says:

    le sclub 7 et de retour ^^ , ist back ^^ happpy

  2. Ana Fernanda de Regil Uribe Says:

    Back when everything was better.

  3. Dante Hernández Olguín Says:

    S Club 7 interpretando Don’t Stop Movin’ (Version 2).

  4. wyatt wu Says:

    i think this is “s club”not”s club 7″

  5. giupinkfairy Says:

    Rachel’s so pregnant in this vid!

  6. erik diaz Says:
  7. Lulú Cast Says:

    De qué año es?

  8. Sharon Rodríguez Says:

    Where’s Paul?!?!

  9. Rune Says:

    At 13 I come back from the future to Watch this!

  10. Megan Firth Says:

    oh those good old flare days….

  11. 1993DJC Says:


  12. 3amGraham Says:

    why are they in jail? this is so random.

  13. Houa Xiong Says:

    he left the band by this time

  14. TheTunderkill Says:

    @bomichaelsdotcom why are you here so heavy metal freak hmm!

  15. Nessquick2458 Says:

    this was after he left the group

  16. AddictedxToxLIFE Says:

    @teg6900 I would SO not mind getting into trouble then XD

  17. chantychant Says:

    i always wanted Hanna to be my older sister cause she was so cool haha 🙂
    they were awesome!

  18. Latchachouette Says:

    Si tu es là grâce à xmyamelie 🙂

  19. Alexandra Meininger Says:

    Why are they dancing in a prison? O.O

  20. ayajedi Says:

    I have never seen this version before. Thank Heavens

  21. saycharizze Says:


  22. reddeadspartan Says:

    is it just me or dowould you think the black guy would be the first to get
    rapet in the shower

  23. meaghanellenxo Says:

    @3amGraham It was from their movie, whatever it was called, if I recall

  24. remix19783128 Says:

    jo she is the best from s c 7

  25. Alexandra Meininger Says: