S Club 7 Reunion – Children In Need 2014

Video Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “S Club 7 Reunion – Children In Need 2014”

  1. EliteCaptainGadget Says:

    Well, I was so excited about this reunion! After it:

    Tina (wasn’t singing) but doing her dance
    Jons looking great and for romance
    Paul can’t get down on the floor
    Hannah rocked and screamed for more
    We all saw Bradley swing,
    And Rachel did her thing
    Then we got Jo; she’s lost the flow which is really sad, but here we go!

    Overall, happy to see them again but I did not like Jo at all… =/

  2. TheBackSeat Says:

    Bradley still on point tho.

  3. Matthew Collins Says:

    The blonde racist one looks so old, too many cigs. She cant sing. The dark
    haired one is fit! Only the black guy can sing. Fair play for singing live,
    a pity theyre hopeless

  4. Aaron Clark Says:

    wow Hannah, Tina and Rachel got hot!!! Jo still looks like a lesbian…
    but too be fair, out of all the girls in S Club 7, Rachel and Hannah were
    the only ones that could actually sing, but i loved them all anyway

  5. Lord Twaddle Says:

    Hannah seems to just get sexier every time I see her, she was already hot
    in primeval but she’s gotten better 

  6. Thefeminist Hobbit Says:

    Da fuq happened to Paul, I mean there’s ageing then there’s looking like
    Barry from Eastenders on crack…..

  7. shriramvenu Says:

    sadly the quality of Jo’s singing has gone down tremendously… oh well to
    be expected after having stopped singing so long ago…

  8. zerosonico Says:

    Hannah looks amazing.

  9. Esi Magic Says:

    Bradley still sounds the exact same. Vocally, he carried this whole

  10. KeiraVlogIt Says:

    Thank god for Bradley who can sing live :)

  11. thefartydoctor Says:

    They’re a bit rusty but I still got the nostalgia. It’s good to see Jo in
    the limelight since the racism scandal. :)

  12. gominuke Says:

    omg paul. i wouldn’t have EVER recognised him.

  13. ssshlow Says:

    Sclub juniors should get back together too !!

  14. Bella B Says:

    What is Tina wearing? Someone needs to tell her its no longer 1998.

  15. sarahmgellarfan4ever Says:

    I think they did brilliantly for being away for years. Looks havent changed
    a bit all look like they did all those years ago. Why is jo still being
    branded as racist shes not if i recall on cbb she never actually said
    anything racist in any way. Plus if she was racist why would she be in the
    band with bradley? I dont think shes aged badly she looks pretty much the
    same. So what if she smokes thata her business and hasnt affected her looks
    in anyway. Well done guys us did brilliant glad to have them back.

  16. Jess Collins Says:

    i am ashamed by how exciting i found this :’)

  17. ladyelle07 Says:

    Bradley is the only one who still has it aww

  18. James Machuga Says:

    what happened to tina am i imagining this or does she look alot lighter
    skinned now?

  19. Claudio Harold Says:

    Es idea mía o algunos tenían como los ojos llorosos?
    It’s my idea or some of them had watery eyes?

  20. LancashireLad666 Says:

    Anybody seen Jo and Pat Butcher in the same room?

  21. The Immortal Sector Says:

    honestly i could not give a flying fuck if they sound bad now, its been 12
    years!!! and its s club 7, they were once the kings and queens of music!

  22. dave uk Says:

    wow hannah looks realy good with long hair.

  23. ROSS EDWARDS Says:

    Paul could of at least hit the treadmill for a few weeks. bless him.

  24. calvin9999999999 Says:

    Tina doesn’t look 38, but she wasn’t singing live at all.

  25. Benny0Mag Says:

    By the way, I think Bradley is the only member of the group who STILL can
    sing LIVE. His voice was on point during this performance.