S Club 7 Reunion Happened With 2015 Tour Looking Good

Fans were very much excited when the reunion of S Club 7 finally happened after a long time. While the group sang some of their hit singles, the critics thought that the members did not sing pleasantly. Jo, who was once the lead singer, had difficulties with her pitch. A fan criticized on twitter by saying that Jo cannot sing anymore. In spite of that, the reunion brought back childhood memories, the fan added.

After the group’s reunion performance, rumors have started to surface that a tour will take place in 2015. Although it has not been officially admitted yet, fans are hopeful that the rumor becomes a fact. The British band, consisting of 7 members, including Tina Barrett, Rachel Stevens, Jo O’Meara, Hannah Spearritt, Bradley McIntosh, Jon Lee, and Paul Cattermole will join forces to perform once again after 10 years.

The group is planning to stick to their usual marketing strategy in their forthcoming reunion. The members will sport a unique color in every appearance that will signify themselves in the band.

Their upcoming reunion had been planned not only for fun, but also for “BBC Children in Need”, a charity program spearheaded by the news channel. The S Club members admitted that it would be one of the biggest celebrations of all time. They are also huge fans of the charity program and they are hopeful of putting up a good performance for their admirers who have been wonderful over the years.

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