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Mike Shinoda and Echosmith to start Music for Relief / Rock in Rio USA collaboration

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

For almost ten years now, the Linkin Park-supported Music for Relief body has been at the vanguard of charitable bodies when it comes to helping in the aftermath of natural disasters.

In the mean time, the Rock in Rio fest has used this power of their brand since the year 2001 to help in the making of a better world via environmental and social projects. Then with the Rock in Rio all set to arrange its very first United States based fest in May, collaboration with Music for Relief appeared to be a perfect match.

During a news conference in Los Angeles earlier on Thursday, 26th March, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda as well as his fellow Rock in Rio USA act Echosmith showed up to be the very first artists to sign guitars which will be auctioned to raise fund for Music for Relief’s next event.

Whitney Showler of Music for Relief told that they are getting all the artists that are taking part in Rock in Rio to sign guitars which will benefit Music for Relief. These guitars would be auctioned online as well as on sight in the VIP area at Rock in Rio and they would go to raise fund for the Music for Relief. And hundred percent of the proceeds are going to tree planting arcross California. (more…)